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  • I had Medial Epicondylitis on my right elbow which was very painful and irritating while doing any activity. I visited an orthopedic Doctor who prescribed me medications for 1 month. i was told not to do much activities with the right arm. I found no relief, i was very disappointed with the treatment. I got to know something about Physiotherapy, that is how i decided to come to Dr. Ketan Bhatikar's SPARC and i found relief. Now i am very satisfied with treatment. 14 sessions later, i have fully recovered!
    Anish Pednekar
  • There was alot of pain in my back region and my stomach too. The Right Leg was also paining. I used to get lot of clumps in my legs. After taking treatment at Dr Ketan Bhatikar's SPARC, i got relief from my pain in both my back and my stomach. So i am Thankful to the staff and Sparc Centre.
    Radha Gauda
  • I had L4 L5 S1 PIVD, i could not bend nor twist sideways also and getting up from bed, sitting on the floor. I had almost few motions to do for the last 2 years. I had taken 4 times physiotherapy treatment for 12 days, 8 days and 6 days to be specific. After taking physiotherapy at SPARC, i am feeling comfortable trying to maintain a normal posture feeling to stand and move around. Being a patient of Thalasamya-minor where HB % moves around 9-10%. I have been feeling exhausted many times climbing steps as i generally avoid lift. This problem was eliminated, with this treatment my physical resistance increased. My intake of water was initially 1L/day which has increased to 5L/day now. I just want to say that i feel better, younger and stronger at this age in spite of the condition, Thank You!!
    Vivek Kerkar

  • I have been suffering from ligament tear on my knee work in UK in hotel industry had to leave it due to the tear and come to Goa to check up, did various and all check up with all the best doctors in Goa, everyone suggested to operate but my family denied surgeries. So through a good friend i came to know of Dr. Ketan Bhatikar. Got his number and called for an appointment as he was so willing to meet up with me with his thought schedule with the Indian Cricket Team. On the first day as i went with my X-ray and C-Scan,hearing me he asked where do i have pain, put me on the yoga mat and did all the necessary check and said come the next morning to clinic for some exercises and he promised me to make me walk better and stand all day long. After a week under his observation made me do exercises, i saw a great difference and informed my family members that i dont feel weak at all now, as i used to feel tired and weak before. I felt like a young boy again and the doctor told me to go and play football which was my favorite sport. I did and till date i am better and fit, i play football everyday on the beach. This is what happened to me and i saved lots of money which i would have spent on any surgery regarding my condition which could not even assure me on my recovery. So i suggest everyone who is suffering like this and any other health problems do visit him and see the difference. I have seen paralysis person doing well under his faithful observation where he keeps on each and everyone. You may find very important personnel and politician and of course people having various medical conditions come there and to get better and fit. Those who have been cured by him will know what i say is so true but in a shortest form i told you. There is so much to say about this good doctor like a healing God incarnated. Thank You Dr. Ketan Bhatikar, May God give you the strength and courage to cure all in Goa and giveyou many more years to live,Thank you!!
    Valerian Fernandes
  • One of its kind physiotherapy clinic in Goa.Aesthetically designed aqua pool and best in class facilities at the centre.Experience the one to one physio training and personalised advice from some of the renowned doctors.The ideal way to speed up rehabilitation and fitness.
    Best Facilities
  • In 2016 I had developed a passion for running and was getting trained for half Marathon. (this passion still remains alive) But this pyriformis threw me out of action for nearly 4 month. I some how didnot want to give up! It was Nov 2016 when I 1st decided to meet Ketan for my long standing problem of Pyriformis! Many physios I consulted had given up. Ketan having experience in treating sports injuries, gave me some kind of hope that he may be able to work on some kind of regime for me to get me back on track! He was quick in attending to my issue and diagnosed the various areas which would need strengthening. Since I was not india then he was very quick in recording all forms of exercises for me on my phone and give me a ready reference. To my expectation and determination to get back on track, I followed this regime he provided and finally... YES !! after a rigorous training on the regime, I could finally make a 5 Km run without even a slightest of pyriformis or spams getting triggered... and a tlis witn 3 months!! Today I comfortably run 10 km a day and 50 KM every week, with splits of 15 and 10KM. And Yes.. now getting trained for half marathon. Thanks a ton Ketan!! this wouldnt have been possible if you had not given the initial boost!
    Siddesh Mankame

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